Our Philosophy

Lish Nail Salon strives to be a leader in the way salons across the country should look after their customer’s health and safety, and that is by meeting and exceeding all sanitation, and ventilation regulations set forth.

Health and Safety

Ventilation – Lish Nail Salon is equipped with 8 ventilation intakes that assist in keeping the salons air quality pure. The intakes push air from inside the salon directly outside.

Source capture – Lish Nail Salon is doing what few salons across the country do for your health, and that is by using a system that captures the dust, and odors created during acrylic services. We use aerovex systems “Nail Source Capture System with new Healthy Air technology” which was designed specifically for nail salons, and meets or exceeds all OSHA, and IMC requirements. The system captures the dust and odors at the source of creation, which leaves the entire salon with a clean and healthy breathing zone.

Pipeless Pedicure chairs – Enjoy one of our pedicure spas equipped with a human touch massage chair. You can rest assured knowing that our pedispas use pipeless jet technology. The internal pipes found in piped pedispas promote bacteria growth, and are difficult to properly sanitize. Our pedispa jet components breakdown completely and are sanitized after each use with an EPA registered disinfectant.

Pedicure spa liners – While all of our pedicure spas are properly sanitized after each use, we have gone one step further to protect your health. We use a form fitted disposable liner that keeps you protected from possible contamination.